Music. Prayer. Artistry.™

Master classes in Jewish song for the Fuchsberg Conservative Yeshiva's Kayitz Babayit.


Access 500+ videos to explore

nigunim (Jewish melodies) 

nusach (traditional prayer chants)

and davening (prayer) artistry

at your own pace.


Learn how to build singing communities, sing and teach nigunim, and lead traditional Jewish prayer.


Special rate for Kayitz Babayit!

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Joey Weisenberg's Master Classes for the Conservative Yeshiva's Kayitz Babayit

This special discounted rate, exclusive for the Fuchsberg Conservative Yeshiva's Kayitz Babayit program, includes yearlong access to all of JOey's courses: Singing Communities, The Art of the Nigun, The Torah of Music, Davening Artistry, Shabbat & Festivals Nusach and High Holiday Nusach.

With this package, you get the bonus of live virtual check-ins with Joey during Kayitz BaBayit.

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Jump into Music. Prayer. Artistry. Today!

Access to all of Joey Weisenberg's master classes for a discounted rate exclusive to Kayitz Babayit!

That's 500+ videos covering:

  1. Singing Communities

  2. The Torah of Music

  3. The Art of the Nigun

  4. Davening Artistry

  5. Shabbat & Festivals Nusach

  6. High Holidays Nusach

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"Joey trusted my musical creativity and encouraged me to step beyond the limits of what I sensed was possible... This is what he does for many people in many ways — with a smile, he encourages you to do something new, and open up your inner gifts. "

Rabbi Mattisyahu Brown
Prayer leader at Camp Isabella Friedman, CT and Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, Jerusalem

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