Torah: Musical Texts & Wisdom

Study the role of music in Jewish spiritual life, learn the ancient art of cantillation for Torah and Haftarah, and explore a library of songs derived from Psalms. 

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The Torah of Music

The role of music in the spiritual practice of Jewish life and lessons from the musical dreamscape of the sages, drawn from Joey’s book, The Torah of Music, winner of the 2017 National Jewish Book Award.

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Trope: Chanting Torah

The Rising Daveners Master Class teaches cantillation for Torah and Haftarah while covering many essential components of the liturgy for Shabbat for b’nai mitzvah students and aspiring leaders of all ages. 

Learn to Read Torah

Access Everything for $18/Month

Jump into music, prayer, and artistry today! Explore all of the master classes in Jewish song and prayer with Joey Weisenberg, including 18 comprehensive courses (1000+ videos) in the Jewish spiritual soundscape, from communal song (nigun) and prayer-leading (nusach), to musical wisdom (Torah), composition, and playing of instruments, as well as virtual events for members and an extensive archive of live performance videos.

 “It was an enormous relief when I found this site. It’s beautifully organized, the nusach is lovely, and it helped me learn a ton of new stuff. Leading services was a very meaningful experience for me. I’m truly grateful.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can choose to stick with the basics, or go above and beyond to tackle almost any aspect of the Jewish prayer tradition! The Rising Daveners course is a great place to start for aspiring prayer leaders of any age. This course introduces the concept of prayer itself, explores spiritual practices beyond the siddur, covers many essential components of the liturgy for Shabbat, and teaches how to chant Torah and Haftarah.

Yes! Subscribers to the master classes get access to an extensive live performance archive with videos from Joey Weisenberg’s album recording sessions and complete concerts with the Hadar Ensemble. Many of these videos are only available on this site.

The Torah of Music is another great video series to explore for music fans. This course is designed for anyone who would like to learn about the musical-spiritual dreamscape of the Jewish tradition through stories and teachings. These videos are for inspiration rather than skill building. 

A subscription of $18 per month includes access to all courses (1,000+ videos) in the master class library, as well as periodic Zoom gatherings, recordings of all past webinars, an archive of live performance videos, and a community message board.

No long-term commitment is required. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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